During the same press conference, Tan Sri Adenan also said he is "very optimistic" of BN retaining power "with a very good majority" in the upcoming polls.

The chief minister also hoped that the Chinese community would translate its "good support" for his government into votes for the BN.

He also revealed that the BN candidates list would be finalised before nomination day.

Tan Sri Adenan, the fifth CM of Sarawak, faces an enlarged battlefield as the election will see contest for 82 state seats, 11 more than in the previous election in 2011, following the redelineation exercise by the EC last year.

The 72-year-old state BN chairman, however, has made use of the new constituencies to resolve problems in the allocation of seats to SUPP and SPDP and their respective spinoffs, UPP and Teras, which are BN-friendly parties.

BN holds 55 of the 71 seats in the present assembly, DAP 12, PKR three and one Independent.