All the voting centres in Sibu were closed at 5 pm without any untoward incidents.

However, there was a slight misunderstanding involving one of the candidates, BN direct candidate for Bawang Assan seat, Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, over his voting area.

This morning, he came to cast his ballot in Bukit Assek instead of the constituency he was contesting in.

Datuk Seri Wong arrived at the voting centre, Sekolah Kebangsaan St Rita, around 8.50 am, followed by another BN direct candidate for the Dudong seat, Datuk Tiong Thai King and his wife, Datin Wong Mee Sing, ten minutes later.

When met after casting their ballots, both candidates said they were confident of delivering the seats to BN.

There are over 120,000 registered voters in Sibu.

Of the figure, Pelawan has the highest number of voters with 31,591,followed by Bukit Assek with 28,340, Dudong with 28,336, Bawang Assan 18,336 and Nangka 15,561.

In the five constituencies, four are Chinese-majority seats, while Nangka is the only Malay-Melanau area in Sibu.

During the state election in 2011, DAP won three of the Chinese majority seats, except in Bawang Assan, which was won by Datuk Seri Wong.