#prnsarawak Sarawak DAP is confident the party can claim victory in Batu Kitang with a Malay candidate despite the constituency being a Chinese-majority seat.

Its chairman, Chong Chieng Jen, however urged voters not to vote its opposition ally, PKR, which is also contesting for the seat, and instead to focus on giving their support for DAP's candidate, Abdul Aziz Isa.

When asked about the tussle over the allocation of seats for the polls, Chong said the matter will be resolved after the election has ended.

Chong also denied that the two independents were fielded by DAP to spoil votes from the Bumiputera and Dayak voters in the constituency.

The party also denied that the state DAP planted the two independent candidates to split votes between the Bumiputera and Dayak voters in the constituency.

Batu Kitang is a new seat located in a sub-urban area with more than 17,000 voters.

Of that total, about 50% are Chinese.

The seat is witnessing a five-cornered fight between BN, PKR, DAP and two independents.