The first ballots of the Sarawak election were cast today by nearly 25,000 thousand early voters.

The figure however does not include thee early voters, for the Bukit Kota and Bukit Sari seats, which were won by BN uncontested.

For more details on thee early voting process, let's cross over to Hafiz Adnan in Kuching.

Hi Hafiz, how was the turnout for early voting today?

No Untoward Incidents During Early Voting

Meanwhile, police said there was no untoward incident throughout the early voting process at all the voting centres statewide today.

Sole Early Voter At Demak Laut

Now Amanda, as I've mentioned before, there were a number of seats with a low number of early voters.

One of them which stood out was the Demak Laut constituency, which had only one early voter, Corporal Celopatra Lemuh of the Sarawak police headquarters' Strategic and Technology Resources Department.

The sole early voter, who has been with the police force for more than 15 years, cast her vote at the voting centre at Tabuan Jaya police complex early today.

According to the 39-year-old policewoman in previous state polls, there were a few people who also voted with her during early polling, but this time around she was alone.

Apart from Demak Laut, the police complex also housed early voting spots for four other constituencies namely Pantai Damai, Padungan, Pending and Batu Lintang.

Two other constituencies with only one early voter are Sadong Jaya and Gedong.

Smooth Early Voting Process In Sibu

Meanwhile in Sibu, the early voting process involving some 4,373 police and armed forces personnel, as well as their spouses, also went smoothly.

Our reporter, Sarah Abdullah on location at the Sibu district police headquarters, said that despite the rain in the morning, the early voters have started queuing up as early as 7am to cast their ballots.

Grey Areas Down To 25% For BN

Hafiz, with just four days left to the state polls, have the political parties and candidates made any significant progress in their campaigning before the big day?